Software development

Software Development
  • We have a diverse team of experts specializing in development of web applications and custom software solutions.
  • We always try to minimize costs by checking existing solutions to their use.
  • We help our clients in the analysis, so that our software helps with rationalization of their business processes.
  • Our work process facilitates the implementation of changes and new features.
  • We have experience with applications running under high load, so from the very beginning of the work we pay attention to performance and scalability.
  • Supplied products are always tested on many levels, so that we can ensure high uptime SLA requirements.
  • We are custom software development company working worldwide from Poland.

We specialize in technologies:
backend: Java, Hibernate, Spring, R, Scala, Akka, Slick, Play.
frontend: AngularJs, ReactJs, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap.

Cloud infrastructure

Software Development
  • We assist in the design of hardware infrastructure and in the choice of software solutions.
  • We offer services of configuration, maintenance and monitoring of the full production environment.
  • We have experience in Big Data analysis (40TB +), eg. machine learning methods.
  • In our infrastructure, we are able to easily increase the required hardware resources and ensure 100% uptime.
  • We have experience with the Google Cloud Platform.

To build the infrastructure we use tools such as:
OpenStack, Hadoop, Apache Spark, Kubernetes, Ansible, Docker, Vagrant.

How we develop custom software solutions

We design our software to support the ongoing development of the companies. We specialize in custom software development, when ready-made solutions do not meet customer expectations. We always start with in-depth analysis of business processes. On this basis, together with the customer, we set scenarios which the application should support. We believe that offshore software development in Poland is a way to save money in your company, while maintaining high quality of the product.